BuyingFeaturedFeatured Listings April 29, 2022

UNDER CONTRACT – Cinnaminson, New Jersey

It has been a long, stressful, and down right HARD journey for these particular buyers. We’ve been working together since December. Seeing homes on beautiful days, rainy days, hot and cold days, snow storms and hail storms — we’ve trecked through it all…

Just to see…

  • The good one (32x)
  • the badly flipped one
  • the awesome flipped one!
  • the open house one
  • the “why did we see this” one (hi, mayo jar!)
  • the maybeeee one
  • the office exclusive one

Which lead us to write up 16 offers… and win

But when the Buyers Momma gives it a 9.5/10 you know it’s the BEST ONE.

Their journey isn’t over yet, and I can’t wait to tell you even more, but we’re almost there!

I’m pretty sure we’ll all be in tears at that signing table. For now, it’s time to put in the work to get them there.

Cheers to you M&R!

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