Tips and Tricks to Homeownership May 2, 2022

May Home Maintenance Checklist

You know what time it is!

My favorite day of the Month. The beginning of a new month – which means a new maintenance checklist! WOO.

Before we can enjoy lazy days in the yard, there are a few outdoor maintenance tasks we should want to go ahead and tackle. With me? Roll up those sleeves, pop in your ear buds, and let’s get going!⁣

Wash away winter’s dirt and grime from your windows so you can actually enjoy your beautiful yard as things bloom.⁣

Winter weather can take a toll on hard surfaces. Check for new or widening cracks on your patios and sidewalks, replace damaged pavers, and fire up the pressure washer.⁣

Don’t wait for temps to climb before double-checking that your air-conditioning unit is in good working order. A typical AC service check will cost anywhere from $75 to $200—and it’s totally worth every penny.⁣

Just because your lawn is green today doesn’t mean it’s ready for summer. Your grass needs nutrients, and May is a great time to add fertilizer to keep those weeds at bay all summer long.⁣
Long before you fire up the grill, make sure the grills are clean, the connections are secure, and your propane tanks are full.⁣

Cold temps can cause wood to warp so check for loose boards and broken gate latches to keep kids and pets where they should be.⁣

Fresh mulch is like a new paint job for your outdoors. Aim to spread mulch 2 to 4 inches across all your beds. ⁣

What backyard activity are you getting ready for this May? Nap in the hammock, gardening, game of bocce ball, or cannonball into the pool? All I know is – I’m ready.

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