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Need to know when to change your air filter or when the best time to refinance your home may be? You're in the right place!

Featured July Home Maintenance Checklist No matter what you hear there’s no such thing as a maintenance-free home. What there is? A home that’s totally manageable to maintain when you break it down month by month. As always, to help, here’s your July Home Maintenance Checklist.  Wipe down porch lights, replace blown-out bulbs, and use glass cleaner to freshen up […]
Tips and Tricks to Homeownership 4 Tips for hosting the 4th of July at your home Promised the whole gang a sparkling good time this 4th of July? Here are FOUR tips to ensure everyone at your house has a blast this holiday weekend: Don’t wait. Seriously. You’ve got to plan ahead if you want a smooth and easy day. Clean, prep food, gather supplies, and set up your seating areas […]
Featured June Home Maintenance List It’s June 1st! You know what that means? It’s Leah’s favorite time of the month! And with the start of the new month comes a brand new home maintenance list for you! Prep the grill for summer barbecuing. Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct. Wash, fold, and organize pool and beach towels. Clean out […]
Tips and Tricks to Homeownership May Home Maintenance Checklist You know what time it is! My favorite day of the Month. The beginning of a new month – which means a new maintenance checklist! WOO. Before we can enjoy lazy days in the yard, there are a few outdoor maintenance tasks we should want to go ahead and tackle. With me? Roll up those […]
Tips and Tricks to Homeownership April Home Maintenance Checklist Ahhh, spring is here, and with it longer days, warmer temps, and a return to outdoor living. Finally! Spring also means it’s time to give that home sweet home a serious once over. To help, here’s an April home maintenance checklist to get you started:⁣ Declutter, declutter, declutter. Yep, I’m beating that drum…again. You didn’t […]
Local Happenings Ty Pennington’s Exclusive Tricks and Tips I chose Coldwell Banker because of their true desire and commitment to help their employees and communities to live an exceptional life. In support of this effort, we’re inviting you to check out the next event in our Exceptional Living Series, designed to inspire you to achieve your personal, professional and financial goals. Our popular […]
Real Estate Tips Tax Prep for New Homebuyers This information was supplied from Patrick McConney. Reach out today for all of your lending questions. Buying a home means a place to call your own. It also has other advantages, like potentially big tax benefits for you that you may not know about. There are multiple deductions available to lower your tax bills: Mortgage […]
Featured March Home Maintenance Checklist No need to get overwhelmed by March spring cleaning — take it room by room in manageable groups of threes. After all, three’s a charm!⁣ ⁣In your living room:⁣Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures⁣Vacuum or dry clean curtains and clean window blinds⁣Wipe down baseboards and clear corners of dust bunnies and cobwebs⁣⁣In your bedrooms:⁣Clean out […]
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